Effective Change Management


A large government organization with a $600 million budget and more than 3,000 employees wanted to introduce an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system covering all its financial and operational systems. The project was clearly a business and process changing initiative; therefore, the organization wanted to train their implementation team in change management and begin the process of significant culture change well.


Koliso worked with their team from the beginning by tailoring implementation kick-off training along with team-building and change-management skills. Following the early design and build stages of the project, Koliso continued to provide executive coaching to the senior leadership. Koliso provided guidance through the implementation and go-live stages of the first project modules.


Implementation speed and user acceptance were significantly higher with the business teams who participated in the Koliso process. Accountability and process management techniques introduced to the teams identified numerous cost savings and project improvements. This exceeded the change management investment by more than 50 percent in the first 12 months of implementation.


As with any large-scale change management and process engineering, there have been many course corrections and ongoing requirements to adapt to the changing needs of the organization. Koliso has been brought in to do team assessments, strategy meetings, project reviews and governance training. The organization has identified more than $5 million in annual savings and efficiencies.


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