Rapid and Effective Transition


New leaders and new teams usually get to know each other through a process of trial and error. A Fortune 500 organization with more than 600 locations along the east coast wanted to orient a new CEO as quickly and effectively as practical.

The executive came from the same industry but from an organization that operated in a different geography and with a different business culture.


Koliso created a highly tailored new leader transition process. Each of the senior executives was interviewed on their vision for the organization, their leadership style and how they could best help on-board the new CEO. The results were incorporated into an intensive leadership offsite for the senior management team.


The unique transition process allowed the team to structure information they felt the CEO needed, and the CEO quickly got to know his team. The offsite went beyond team building; issues were prioritized for the team to work on together along with ways they could adapt their styles to the new team dynamic. Despite a challenging market, the leadership team was able to quickly identify key issues and the new CEO was effective virtually from day one.


The leadership team tackled restructuring and decision-making issues that had been problematic before and introduced performance management and other initiatives with a unified front led by the CEO. The process was viewed by the senior executives as (in their words) “bringing strategic value” beyond any ordinary orientation.


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