A Model for Leadership


A Fortune 100 company in the financial services sector sought a leadership development program specifically focused for their high-potential managers who might be ready to lead a business unit or region.


Koliso developed a suite of activities as a solution. These included core business and leadership training modules supplemented by a highly interactive assessment and an individualized component for each selected participant. Koliso guided two year-long cohorts through the program.


More than 20 percent of the participants were promoted during the program to larger regional and national roles. Within the first 12 months the program identified opportunities for business development, client retention and expense savings greater than the cost of the program. The high-touch personalized approach of Koliso became the model for taking the high potential leadership program to a national level.


In the three years since Koliso initiated the program, the outcomes were viewed so highly that the organization also adopted key features nationally as a best practice for leadership development programs from middle managers up to regional and business unit roles.


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